Bio Mate and RnH Cleaner Combo

Cleaning Combo starter pack


£37.99 (Combo £34.50)

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The BIO MATE WATER SPORT is designed to tackle the toughest, slimiest mud, dirt and grime! With its stiff bristles and the versatility of being able to be used on a bottle AND on a hose pipe, it effortlessly removes wet mud, weed, sand, salt water and detritus from your sup, kayak, paddles and equipment to get them clean, dry and bio-secure as per the guidance in the CHECK-CLEAN-DRY* campaign. The sponge is perfect for cleaning more delicate areas of the craft such as transfers and the microfibre cloth, which can be washed up to 400 times, for drying! 

The Eco Paddleboard Wash is a ready to use, cleaning solution designed for Stand Up Paddleboards and paddling accessories. SUPscrub believes that Paddleboarders need a cleaning product that is as unique as the sport itself. SUPscrub SUP Wash is tough enough to clean boards and equipment from the salt, dirt and oils, whilst also being safe for the environment and safe for us to use.
SUP Scrub can be used to clean any surface that is designed to be used in water,

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